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Mailing address:
Stichting Desert Tree Foundation
O. Youyou
Zeyster zand 40
3705 MC Zeist


Desert Tree Foundation is registered with the Chamber of Commerce and Enterprises for Utrecht and surroundings under number 30235942.


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Donation or gift inland
ING Bank Account number: 5200834

Donation or gift foreign countries
IBAN: NL72 INGB 0005 2008 34

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Cultivation of trees

Let your heart speak!

Do something for nature, before it is too late!
If the actual situation continues, it will have consequences for us all!

Let your heart speak!
Africa has left to his own devices too long.
Poverty, illnesses, migration, wars, food shortages, aridity, famine: They have everything to do with the environment.
Trees bring life and water.
They filter CO2 from the air.

Trees are a matter of life and death!



Marocco - Agadir


Oasis Baharya  advancing sand


Advancing desert




Water and sand


Let the trees stay!