Who are we?

Desert Tree Foundation is an organization that is well disposed toward the environment.In cooperation with the Atlas Tree Foundation we are actively busy with the environment in the Sahel region.
Sahel countries During a long period Atlas Tree Foundation is already busy in North Africa and has much expertise in the domain of desertification and especially how to stop this process.
Desert Tree Foundation - We plant trees in order to put a stop to the advancing desert.
This is really necessary because trees oppose climate changes. Hereto they give an active contribution, because they filter CO2 from the air.
Moreover trees take care also care of a fertile soil, because they stop erosion.
For this reason trees are e matter of life and death.
Our volunteers are active in the countries around the Sahara with different projects viz. Mauritania, Burkina Faso, Senegal and the Atlas mountains.

Planting trees in Morocco

What are we doing?

At this moment we are active in different countries around the Sahara. At short notice we wish to expand this up to 15 countries.

In view of our experiences in the region and our contacts this is only a matter of time. We have contacts with different environmental experts and local authorities.

In these countries we plant mainly trees that are resistant to heat and drought.

The local population takes advantage of our projects too. Slowly the soil becomes useful again for agriculture, because the trees oppose erosion and take care of protection. Next to it they attract water too.


We already established cultivation in South Morocco. We have a plan to establish a second cultivation near the Lake Chad. By this we can work much more effectively and massively in our combat against the desertification.

Next to it our volunteers give education to farmers and to schools in order to become conscious of the necessity to handle nature in a good way. Neglecting nature is one of the causes of the misery endured by this continent.

Wars, famine, political abuses, illnesses, migration etc., they are all the negative consequences of a bad environmental policy.



Vivian Boon's "Vluchten voor het Zand"

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Martinus J.G. Veltman

Martinus Veltman, Nobel prize winner Physics, was born in 1931 in Waalwijk. In 1948, not a favourable time, he started with mathematics and physics at the University of Utrecht. The war had not left much over of the Dutch scientific life. In 1963 he took his Ph. D in the theoretical physics and became a professor in1966. In 1981 he left the University of Utrecht and went to Michigan. He got his recognition when he got the Noble prize for physics in 1999. Martinus Veltman supports also the initiative of the Desert Tree Foundation.

Omar Louzi

Without private initiatives nature will be doomed to die
Omar Louzi was born in 1964 at Goulmina (Southeast Morocco). He himself established an ecological party (Izegzawen). Their target is the defence of the interests of everybody who think that nature's conservation is an important issue. For long-time the environment in Morocco has not been a serious discussion object. Yet an ecological disaster threatens if we don't do something. The desertification continues steadily. Water supplies become more and more scarcely. Forests are chopped and seldom replaced by new ones. Who is responsible for this? Why is nobody doing something? And are there serious alternatives in order to prevent a disaster? By means of the Desert Tree Foundation's initiative Omar Louzi supports this foundation.

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