On this page hyperlinks are placed to other organizations that devote themselves also to the environment, deforestation and desertification of various (African) countries.

  • The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) started a big worldwide tree plant campaign. For more information United Nations Environment Programme: Plant for the Planet

  • De Stichting Sahara-Roots will be established in order to assist in maintaining the Moroccan Sahara by means of different projects and to offer a better future for its inhabitants. Together with the inhabitants of this region we wish to assist too in promoting the “eco tourism” in Morocco.

  • In 2015 the world should be a better place much better than in the reference year 1990. In 8 concrete indicated domains and with clear measuring points. Each year the countries must report on the progress being made. And…in that case it should go “better per individual year" then.
    By means of 'Per Jaar Beter' students control if this is the case, that we navigate on the right course, that we are able to realize the proposed millennium goals.
    We follow the developments in four countries: Bolivia, India, Marocco and Uganda.

  • Dry areas belong to the most threatened areas on earth. The population is very rapidly growing there; the agricultural production is the lowest and the poverty the biggest. Read more about this at the website of Millennium Ecosystem Assessment.

  • The estimation is that this on a worldwide scale per annum as a consequence of the decrease of the land’s quality amounts 65 billions of dollars. On behalf of an effective approach 10-12 billions of dollars will be needed per annum for investments see website GEF.

  • For the Netherlands the UN-treaty of 1995 (UNCCD) for combating the desertification was a guideline in order to combat the decline of land and the desertification. Because the execution of this treaty runs in practice painfully, the Netherlands concentrate now more on a real execution of the policy.

  • Stichting Face is executing projects in different countries, where they protect existing forests and plant trees. Planting trees has many advantages. Like this carbondioxyde is taken up in the form of trees and plants, through which this is an effective remedy to combat climate changes. Moreover the foundation offers in this way a chance to threatened ecosystems to recover themselves and to remain so.

  • Klimaatnieuws.nl is a web log with news and opinions on the causes and the consequences of climate changes. The news exists of own information and summaries of messages from other news bulletins. Wherever possible the reports will be completed with links to source documents, like memorandums and research reports.

  • People in poor countries are usually completely dependent of nature for their food, water, income, and housing. When nature is destroyed the natural resources disappear and poverty increases. The LIFE-project (Living In a Finite (=final) Environment) is aiming itself at the improvement of the living standard of communities in the countryside of Namibia using the natural particulars of the region. Read more on the website of WNF



Marocco - Agadir


Oasis Baharya – advancing sand


Advancing desert




Water and sand


Let the trees stay!