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Let the trees stay!

Let the trees stay!

At locations where forests disappear, the top layer of the soil washes easily away. Not only fertile soils disappear, but more and more sand and clay arrive in waterways, irrigation systems and storage reservoirs. By that there remains less space for water. Rivers cannot transport less water at the same time. By that heavy rainfall leads easily to floods. The possibility of floods along the rivers increases also because rainwater flows down more rapidly from slopes when they become bare. By that rivers have to absorb during heavy rainfall more water at the same time. At locations where forests disappear, wood cannot be collected anymore. Finally plants and animals living in forests loose their habitat when these forests are enrooted. By that sorts become rare or even die out.

One billion trees must save the planet

Worldwide 1 billion new trees have to be planted. This is the target of the environmental program of the United Nations (Unep) in her combat against the warming up of the earth.

By means of the international campaign 'Plant for a planet' Unep urges the youth, enterprises, ngo's, farmers, schools and governments to plant trees on a massive scale. This means that this year 1 billion trees have to be planted. At the UNEP's website the status of the number of new trees can be followed. By means of a form you can promise to plant one tree too.

Cultivation of trees

Different organizations and countries promised already to participate in this action. France will plant 157 million trees and Morocco promised to plant 27 million new trees this year too. For the time being the counter indicates ample 160 million promised trees, in the meantime 191.000 trees have been planted already.

The campaign's idea arose by the Kenyan Nobel prize winner Wangari Maathai. Since 1977 Maathai has planted with her Green Belt Movement more than 30 million trees in Africa in order to stop soil erosion. UNEP wishes to repeat this success and gets support from Prince Albert II of Monaco and the World Agroforesty Centre (ICRAF).

By this action UNEP attracts attention on behalf of the connection between the trees and the warming up of the earth. Trees and forests absorb carbondioxyde (CO2), the harmful substance emitted by the industry and contributes to the greenhouse effect. When forests disappear more CO2 arrives in the atmosphere and warms the earth rapidly up.



Marocco - Agadir


Oasis Baharya  advancing sand


Advancing desert




Water and sand


Let the trees stay!